What Do AI and Kurt Cobain Have In Common?

I never thought I would put artificial intelligence and Kurt Cobain in the same sentence. As we continue to explore the path of AI and its reach, one critical question is just how far it will encroach on our right brain characteristics. Those traits that make us distinctly human have long been considered out of AI’s reach. Yet, we slowly see signs that we could be wrong. What do AI and Kurt Cobain have in common? A new song. This song titled “Drowned in the Sun” was written by Google’s AI as described by Vanessa Bates Ramirez in a recent article. Read the full article for a fascinating look at how this was accomplished.

Now, consider a scenario where Nirvana lives on and performs new material in concert with Kurt Cobain appearing as a hologram. Listen to the song below and then let me know how you react via the poll.

3 thoughts on “What Do AI and Kurt Cobain Have In Common?

  1. My wife is a huge Nirvana fan. So I played this and then explained what it was. I asked her ‘creepy’ or ‘fascinating’ and she said “Why can’t it be both?”


  2. The song is pretty good but it isn’t Cobain or Nirvana because every song is written from a place, a time and a frame of mind of the songwriter. Sometimes a song takes years to finish. Othertimes songs roll out almost fully formed in minutes. No matter how much is known, or how much data is crunched, this song was not going to be written by Kurt if he lived a hundred years. That doesn’t mean it isn’t commercial or won’t sell. I do think hologram concerts will become mainstream at some point. They have the potential certainly to be better than “tribute” bands.

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