Seismic Shocks In The Never Normal

Thinking it’s going back to the calm old normal, forget it. It’s a world of volatility. That’s what I call the never normal.

Peter Hinssen – Thriving in the Never Normal

I obviously agree with that quote for the most part. I would argue that the old normal wasn’t all that calm. It took a pandemic to illuminate what was lurking beneath the surface. However, this is a brilliant short keynote on the decade ahead. It is loaded with great quotes and examples of reinvention. Holding on to the past is a losing strategy, as a funny segment in the video makes clear:

In 1911, Ed Klein took out an add in the New York Times. He was attempting to convince people to keep buying horses, not cars. After 100 years, there’s only one conclusion: Ed was an idiot

Peter Hinssen

Peter underscores a message that should be clear: this decade promises to be volatile, uncertain, unpredictable, driven by rapid pace, and filled with the unexpected. We can ride the wave and realize the opportunity it represents or resist our way to irrelevance. The choice is ultimately ours. I highly recommend taking the time to watch.

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