Reimagining A Post-Pandemic Future

Exactly four years ago I had the pleasure of participating in a OpenSAP thought leadership course titled: Reimagining the Future – A Journey Through the Looking Glass. That course is still available and can be taken Here. The program director for that course recently reached out to pick up the conversation. Robert Nichols produces a Podcast titled OpenSAP Invites. We had a great conversation that this time included colleague Kevin Benedict. You can read the abstract and listen to the podcast below . A full transcript and more detail are available on the OpenSAP Invites site.


Welcome to openSAP Invites. I’m your host Robert Nichols, and I’m excited to welcome two futurists from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Frank Diana and Kevin Benedict.   Frank and I first worked together on an openSAP thought leaders course called “Reimagining the Future: A Journey Through the Looking Glass”.   A course that explained that we can no longer predict the future, but instead must rehearse it. 

I thought it would be fascinating to bring Frank back, along with Kevin, and have a discussion four years later about the concepts introduced in the openSAP course regarding possible future scenarios for our standard way of living. These possible future scenarios are founded in science and technology – Internet, Social, Mobile, Cloud, Data & Analytics, and are impacted by innovation accelerators such as the Internet of Things, Renewable Energy, 3D printing, Blockchain and more.  These in combination with emerging and future accelerators such as climate change, rising energy demand, an aging population, or a changing notion of work, all of have a profound impact on our standard of living – our health, how we learn, how we transport, how we produce and use energy, how we communicate, work and eat. 

Frank, Kevin and I discuss, with a particular focus on the impact of the pandemic on future possible scenarios for our standard way of living.

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