Smart Construction Wearables Revolutionize Safety

I am constantly searching for content that will provide insights to those that read my posts. I came across this infographic on wearables and wanted to share. Here is an abstract that describes the visual.

If you’re a construction worker who has been in the field for decades, it might be tough to imagine the day when previously novel wearable technology could be the norm at your job. There’s a high probability that workers will take for granted many of these new technologies as time wears on. These “smart” construction wearables will become essential pieces of equipment to safely perform jobs in the near future. It’s fascinating to see how quickly improvements to wearable tech in the construction industry have come about.

The tech companies developing these innovative construction wearables are including features with cutting-edge technology to enhance everything from work boots to hard hats and safety goggles. Smart equipment that’s compatible with larger IoT networks is ultimately aimed at improving worker safety, health, and productivity. Construction workers and other leaders in the industry look forward to the future when work sites will require wearable technology to reduce or eliminate worker injuries.

Day by day, the world becomes more technologically advanced and IoT continues to improve and evolve. The revolutionary future of construction wearables and other devices is quickly becoming a reality. Standard safety equipment will soon be highly technological and interconnected. These wearables have a chance of being quickly integrated (possibly even mandated) in the not-so-distant future. Take a look at six of the most exciting up-and-coming construction wearables in development in the detailed graphic below.

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