What Will The Future Home Look Like Post-Pandemic?

The Innovation Wheel and the Home

When I talk about this emerging era of great invention advancing the various areas of our well-being, I always include changes to the home. The home has remained quite static since great inventions of the second revolution (running water, sanitation, heating, air conditioning, etc.) established our modern-day home. For the first time since that period, the home is likely to see another shift. This was true prior to the pandemic, as the visual I use to describe this part of the innovation story describes.

Now, introduce the accelerating effects of the pandemic. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the way we live our lives. From staying home more than ever before, to stockpiling toilet paper, our priorities have experienced a major shift over the last nine months. And as these shifts seem to become more permanent, you can expect to see many industries updating to fit these new needs.

Two industries you can already see a shift in is home technology and construction. With remote working and learning on the rise, homes are now taking on the responsibilities of offices, schools and lounge spaces. Updates such as individual work spaces, entertainment areas and updated front and back patios will be all the rage in new home construction and DIY home upgrades.

The home technology industry has noticed this shift of priorities as well, and there are many devices hitting the market that are catered to these new needs. Devices such as smart pantries to help with grocery and utility management, smart humidity sensors to reduce virus transmission and smart windows to reduce background noise are made for this new way of living.

I am frequently asked to share content via my Blog. I assess each request with one simple criteria: does the content add value. This infographic, provided by the folks at Hippo is very well done and timely. Take a look at what may be coming to a home near you.

How COVID-19 is changing future homes infographic

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