Is Wireless Electricity Part Of The New Energy Paradigm?

Yesterday, I wrote about the potential Acceleration towards a New Energy Paradigm. A New Energy ParadigmWhen we consider the building blocks on the innovation wheel that shape this emerging paradigm, the change is likely significant. One such building block is the wireless transmission of electricity.

This recent Article describes new innovation that enables this transmission. It was Nikola Tesla that first worked on Wireless Energy and Power Transfer. He almost succeeded when his experiment led him to the creation of the Tesla coil. It was the first system that could wirelessly transmit electricity. From 1891 to 1898 he experimented with the transmission of electrical energy using a radio frequency resonant transformer of the Tesla coil, which produces high voltage, high frequency alternating currents.

Today, more than a century later, an energy startup named Emrod says it’s bringing wireless electricity to New Zealand. In a statement, Emrod founder Greg Kushnir says:

“We have an abundance of clean hydro, solar, and wind energy available around the world but there are costly challenges that come with delivering that energy using traditional methods, for example, offshore wind farms or the Cook Strait here in New Zealand requiring underwater cables which are expensive to install and maintain.”

As with every scenario that emerges, the ramifications are broad and deep. Changes in the way energy is transmitted displaces our wired infrastructure. What if for example your electric car could be refueled while it drives wirelessly? Suppose a solar satellite beams down energy to enable that scenario. The conclusions that I continuously draw is that the building blocks exists to transform all aspects of society. In their now famous book The Second Machine Age, Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson describe why this is happening now. The authors suggest that three forces are driving breakthroughs that are surpassing our recent expectations and theories. They describe the following forces: exponential, digital, and combinatorial. The first two have been covered at length, but the third one holds the key. This third force could be the key to understanding the dynamics of our environment, and this insight from the authors brings it into focus: the number of potentially valuable building blocks is exploding around the world, and the possibilities are multiplying like never before. It is at these Intersections that foundational structures like energy are transformed. These Dots in a Very Complex System are connecting – and as they do, the Possibilities are endless.

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