The Future of Cars

Recently, someone shared a very interesting inforgraphic on the future of cars. I get these requests to share content on a regular basis, and I assess them based on their insight and potential value to my readers. This is an example of a very well done Infographic with a great deal of insight. Below is an introduction and the infographic. Enjoy!

We live in an exciting time. Cars have evolved from loud big-block engine, gas-guzzling, boats on wheels to sleek, electric-fueled, Bluetooth-powered rockets that are as quiet as a house cat. Today, our cars have virtually as many electrical features as our homes—the same to be honest. If this is the evolution of the automotive industry over the past 40 years, imagine what we can create in the next five to 10.

Car manufacturers and tech companies are lining up for “show and tell,” flashing their newest concepts. From multi-facial recognition and physical design enhancements to eco-friendly, self-driving machines that are designed to protect us from ourselves. The idea of electric and autonomous vehicles are still foreign to many. Full buy-in from the public is still as fresh as the ideas rolling out. CarRentals created a visual detailing some of the most talked-about features to come.  If this is the future of cars, let’s see where we can take our imaginations.

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