Optimist or Pessimist?

In late 2016, having just finished reading The Rise and Fall of American Growth, I was thinking about an underlying theme of the book – the views of techno-optimists versus those of techno-pessimist. In the context of the books narrative, the techno-optimist believes that future innovations will indeed drive a resurgence of growth – albeit at the expense of jobs. The pessimist sees no return to growth and believes our best innovations are behind us. Two years ago, I posed a question via a Post: Are you a techno-optimist or techno-pessimist?

The advances of the last two years keeps this question in front of us – and the opposing Utopian versus Dystopian views remain. Interestingly, although the survey I launched back then got very little attention – all of a sudden, the post and the survey are getting traction. What changed? Hard to answer, but here are the current survey results:

Optimist or Pessimist

Visit the  Post to add your voice. In responding consider this question: will the rapid pace of innovation elevate the global standard of living? Will we enhance society or diminish it?  Will we experience both? Your views when you consider these questions likely determine your survey response. Consider reading this brief post on Revolutions and Innovation prior to responding.

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