Loneliness, Aging, Robots and Health

At the Health Summit in D.C. last week, I used this emerging future visual to describe the combination of building blocks that enable our healthy life extension – one of many emerging future scenarios. This two minute video captures that portion of our panel discussion.

One of the key issues that emerged during our panel dialog was the acceleration of aging and death associated with isolation and loneliness. Could robotic companions solve this problem? Do these advances – many that feel like science fiction – combine to solve the challenges that likely emerge as we live longer? Can Sophia be a robotic companion?

5 thoughts on “Loneliness, Aging, Robots and Health

  1. Why do highly intelligent, very well educated, thoughtful articulate members of the intelligentsia not truly grasp that unless we get rid of the nuclear weapons, there will be no robots, no healthy life extension, no emerging future scenarios?

    All of it, everything being so intelligently discussed at conferences, Ted Talk stages, academic papers and scientific research etc, it all depends on a single thing. If we fail at that one single thing, nothing else matters. All of it, a waste of time.

    The reductionist nature of science leads our minds down the trail of focusing on a million fascinating details. But true logic should instead be aiming our intelligent attention at the ruthlessly simple bottom line.

    Is this comment off topic? That too depends on the one single thing. If we were religious we might call this great decider….

    The Devil’s single point of greatest leverage.


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