Ecosystems Emerge From The Shadows

My fascination with ecosystems dates back to 2012. By 2014, I was convinced it represented a significant structural change on the horizon. Over a decade later, an ecosystem economy is emerging. A recent book titled The Ecosystem Economy explores the past, present, and future of ecosystems. My thoughts on the topic span multiple posts and were summarized in a post titled A World of Ecosystems.

The authors focus on a critical question: how do you lead in the new Age of sectors without borders. This blurring of boundaries has been years in the making. As an increasing amount of economic activity shifts to ecosystems, the economy will reorient itself around these ecosystems. In their historical analysis, the authors describe a world that is sector based, dating back as far as we can see. That specific observation underscores the transformative nature of what lies ahead. By their estimates, a potential shift of $70-$100 trillion of economic output is in our future.

According to a recent analysis, this new breed of multi-sectoral, category-defying ecosystem companies—which comprise what we call the integrated network economy—could reach roughly one third of global gross economic output (measured in revenues) over the next few decades. That’s about $70–100 trillion

Venkat Atluri, Miklos Dietz – The Ecosystem Economy

A very good read in the early stages of a massive shift. I have added the book to my library.

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