Hardships Are Real…But We Live In Someone Else’s Dream World

“For all the real hardships we face, we are also living in someone else’s dream world… and we now get to build towards our own future dreams.” – Jason Feifer

That is a quote from a recent Article about what the people of 1921 predicted for the year 2021. Those that follow my work as a Futurist know that I am a big believer in Applied History, with a recent focus on the thirty-year period starting in 1915. That work was recently articulated in my post on a Post Pandemic Society. In the referenced article, author Jason Feifer states that the people of 1920 recently survived World War I and the Spanish Flu of 1918, and they were witnessing a technological revolution. That was the era of electricity, commercial aviation, radio, and many other inventions in a period of great invention. Given all that transpired, those alive in that time were wondering what our world would look like in the future; something that we are also experiencing today.

To explore this topic, the author went back to media from 1921 to research the 2021 predictions made back then. To the quote above, we are living in a world that was just dreamed about back then. That is very important to appreciate, Human Development has advanced considerably in the last two centuries, and as bad as we think the world is – it has never been better. So, what were people thinking back then? Read the full article for details, but here are the high-level thoughts.

An ability to manage the temperature in our homes will emerge
Entertainment will happen at home
Electricity will power our wheels
Books will be read to us
The tides may be used for power as well as the rays of the sun for heat and power
we will not travel on the ocean, but under it

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