Nine Future Innovations That Will Change Urban Travel

Futuristic technologies and a new understanding of how our output impacts the world around us will change the face of transportation as we know it. New innovations hope to solve some of the biggest issues impacting transportation today by curbing pollution, reducing fatalities, and cutting down travel time.

Visionaries like Elon Musk are betting billions on big ideas that seem far fetched, but could become mainstream in the next few years. Hyperloop transportation tubes could be operating passenger services as early as 2021. These tubes would run at speeds of 600 mph or more and transport groups of passengers through pressurized tracks. Eventually, hyperloop hopes to tackle freight shipping too.

Another cutting edge transportation technology that many companies are racing to get on the market are flying taxis. These taxis would provide affordable aerial rides between cities, taking advantage of the network of small airports throughout the country. A lift from Manhattan to JFK airport, for example, could cost as little as $70.

With new innovation comes new hesitation and plenty of both financial and ethical questions to consider. Driverless cars are already in test pilot mode, but there are still big questions to answer around fault. If a robot is driving your car and it crashes, who is at fault — you or the manufacturer? If it’s the manufacturer, how does that change our understanding of car insurance and coverage?

Check out the animated visual from below for a look into how transportation will transform our roads and skies.

Future Transportation

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