Three Trillion Reasons

I had the pleasure of delivering a dinner keynote at this weeks SAP Ariba Live event. I was very impressed with the event theme: 3 Trillion Reasons. That theme is a play on the nearly $3 trillion in commerce flowing through SAP Ariba annually. Although that number speaks to commerce, the theme spoke to purpose. As positioned on this Blog frequently, I expect a continued Shift to Purpose and Well-Being.

While these events are a good way for organizations like SAP to communicate with customers and prospects – it’s good to see the messaging shifting towards purpose. I focused the keynote on my Reimagining the Future content –  which tends to be very different than the traditional content at an event like this. SAP Ariba LiveThis latter point encourages me, as a focus on the future at event like this is increasingly critical.

At Davos earlier this year, Tifenn Dano Kwan, CMO at SAP Ariba said this: “the 3 Trillion Reasons campaign and movement aims to inspire and raise awareness around the world. Companies can make real social, global and human impact by pushing strong values of transparency, human rights and sustainability through the partnerships and practices they choose in their supply chains. We are at a pivot point, and global leadership needs to take a stance to make positive changes for the future”.

Kudos to Tifenn Dano Kwan and SAP Ariba for the focus on the future – and thanks for having me at the event. This video dives deeper into the 3 Trillion Reasons campaign.

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