Visualizing our Emerging Future

As the pace of science, technology, and societal change accelerates, a vision of our future is emerging. Many future scenarios are viewed as science fiction, or thought to have timelines that are too far into the future to worry about. I hold a firm belief that these timelines are collapsing and future scenario analysis is critical both at a business and societal level.

I have used this visual as a driver of future scenario analysis. It has been captured and utilized in workshop and events. It is described in a post on Connecting Dots, which I view as a critical leadership trait. Given its exposure, I am making a copy available via this PDF.

Our Emerging Future


8 thoughts on “Visualizing our Emerging Future

  1. I happen to agree with you Frank. These scenarios aren’t the things of sci-fi anymore. Drones, AI, Connected cars, it’s all here and the rest is racing at us at an accelerated pace. There’s no such thing as a 5 year plan anymore. We do our planning in 1 year increments now and need to revise quarterly. Even a 3 year plan is out of date before it’s 12 months out.

    People should stand up and take notice of what you’re saying and NOW!

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    • I believe planning is now a highly iterative process that is fueled by insight and foresight. A continuous rehearsal of the future. The framework that I believe every leader must embrace is: See, Rehearse, Adapt


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