Identify and Respond

This recent Attensity Announcement describes what I believe to be the next wave in the use of semantic technologies. We will see the rise of applications that leverage these technologies to deliver business outcomes. The discussion will shift from the semantic technologies themselves, to the application.

In describing this example from Attensity, I’ll borrow from the political world – it’s the action stupid! Monitoring social media manually cannot drive action – there is just too much user generated content. Using basic monitoring tools that tell you when your brand or product is mentioned cannot identify or drive action – mentions don’t translate to action. The ability to find relevant content (Twitter Tweets, FaceBook posts, Blogs, reviews, etc.), classify that content, identify appropriate actions and enable those actions, well folks that’s an application. It’s the type of application that I expect will get considerable attention in the market. It’s a need that I’ve heard countless executives talk about.

This is one example of what is sure to be a growing portfolio of applications enabled by advanced analytics.

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