Social Business

While at enherent, I posted this Blog entry which is worth repeating. 

This Social Business Report is one of the best I’ve seen. There is a tremendous amount of information presented in this material. Here are the highlights:

The top four social industries are Search Engines and Online portals, Advertising and Marketing, Banking, and Traditional Media. The next four industries include Toys and Games, HR & Recruiting, IT and Software. The Banking industries high position in the ranking surprised me, as did the low ranking of the Music industry (20) and Sports (40). The Insurance industry ranking (42) does not surprise me, whereas the Automobile industry ranking (41) seems odd. A complete Industry ranking is available in the report.

What I find really amazing is the process of creating a Twitter score and the related industry rankings. Based on the score, the top three Twitter users are the Search Engines and Online portals, Media and Banking in that order. The drop off in score from there is simply amazing. The positioning of some industries that I would have viewed as big Twitter users is also very surprising.

The report provides a fascinating look at social job rankings and scored the various job titles in terms of social media savvy. Not surprisingly, Marketing, HR, and Communications hold the top three positions. Very surprising to me is the occupant of the fourth position: IT. The sales organization is number 5 and the CIO comes in at number 6. The CEO is less savvy coming in at number 11, and don’t expect the Finance organization to be a social participant (ranked 16).

Next, the report focuses on those companies that have the most social employees. Not too surprising at the top (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, Intuit), but some definite surprises regarding companies on the list, and some notable absences (SAP and IBM to name a few). The company list is then expanded to focus on the top 20 Twitter companies. There is a heavy dose of technology companies on this list. Lastly, the report does a social ranking of Cities, with New York and San Francisco at the top of the list – no surprise.

There is some great information in this report and I highly recommend it. It’s a quick read.

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