A Familiar User Interface

This Article by Michael Hugos titled “Social Media front ends plug into enterprise applications” touches on one of the evolutionary social business paths that I believe is inevitable. Mr. Hugos describes a scenario where social media such as FaceBook and Skype become the user interface and connect to appropriate in-house systems using SOA. He states: “People already know the user interface for these social media platforms so the learning curve is not hard. And the new system runs on all sorts of mobile devices like iPhone, Android and iPad, and it stays current as new devices come out because the social media vendors (FaceBook and Skype in this case) do that job for us”. 

A growing percentage of the world is social media literate. Social media interfaces are intuitive, easy to use and consume much of our personal time – no one forces us to use FaceBook. Compare and contrast this to enterprise efforts focused on bringing teams together and sharing knowledge through the use of collaborative technology. Team building and knowledge capture remain elusive. 

History seems to be repeating itself. During the Dot-Com days, the Internet was used to push content and we were all passive readers. As we know, Web 2.0 changed all that, and we became active participants – creating our own user generated content. Well, businesses are about to be active participants in real-time two-way connections within their value chains. As Mr. Hugos correctly points out “Companies are suddenly able to sense and respond to a range of feedback that enables them to co-evolve with their markets and their customers”.   

Mr. Hugos talks about the potential of social media combining with in-house systems like order entry, customer service, purchasing and business intelligence. I’ve described this emerging trend as the weaving of social into existing business processes. In his article, Mr. Hugos provides an example of this trend in action. Take a look at Article for more insight.

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