Machine Versus Jeopardy

Craig Rhinehart leads the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Archive / Governance and Content Analytics lines of business for IBM’s Software Group – I’ve worked with Craig in the past. In a recent Blog Post titled “What is Content Analytics? Alex”, he provides a perspective on the technology behind IBM Watson and the future of data management and analytics. Watson is taking on two former Jeopardy champions in an upcoming episode.

There is skepticism in some of the comments left by readers. As Craig responds, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Having seen first-hand what content analytics can do, Craig is not overstating the potential for this technology. In fact, he just scratched the surface of the many business applications that will benefit from this technology. Insight uncovered by this technology will drive better decisions, deliver better and faster innovation, and help companies reach new levels of operational excellence.

 I recommend this very well written Blog post.

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