The Year of the Social Enterprise

This article by Boris Pluskowski predicts that 2011 will be The Year of the Social Enterprise. He admits that his predictions are somewhat optimistic – but here’s hoping he’s right! Mr. Pluskowski believes we’re about to embark on a new era of unprecedented collaboration and social interaction that leads to the world’s first fully social business. Some key points from the article:

  • Companies will take social seriously and view it as a corporate competence to be achieved and maintained. Mr. Pluskowski sees a transition from social media programs focused on improved interactions with the customer to the integration of social technologies to produce tangible results. I believe we will see a lot of progress in this area in 2011.
  • Social Technology companies are more mature. General collaboration platforms like SharePoint and Jive will continue to exist – but will become secondary to the applications that are developed to run on top of them. I see this as a generic trend. Applications – mostly industry oriented – become the story.
  • Mr. Pluskowski echoes the growing sentiment that innovation is the driver of social tool adoption in the enterprise.  Companies will use these tools to value and monetize the global interactions of what he calls “social populations” (employees, customers, vendors, strategic partners, shareholders, and more).
  • Mr. Pluskowski sees the emergence of the first true Social Enterprise. He defines it as “a company that has social input strategically injected into every part of their organization – where every business process includes elements of mass social interaction between people inside and/or outside the traditional company walls. A fully open business that is able to leverage a global knowledge resources pool in multiple ways to achieve its strategic goals”. I absolutely love this definition!
  • This next thought takes me way back. The notion that companies will eventually be forced to redefine what their true core competencies are – and then outsource the rest. I’ve believed this for a long time. But Mr. Pluskowski takes it to another level. He makes a great observation that instead of outsourcing to an emerging global economy because labor is cheaper, they’ll be outsourcing it to a global social population because the work, the solutions, and the results will simply be better than they can achieve on their own. Great description.

I highly recommend this article!

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