Bill Gates Looks At Life After COVID-19

Back in April and May, there was a lot of crystal ball gazing going on. Will COVID-19 change our world forever? This Post, among others I wrote in the early days of the pandemic, explored the various ways the world may change. In the post, I reflected on a key warning sign: most predictions of a post-crisis world have historically been wrong. I pointed to an Article authored by Rob Walker, where he stresses that thoughtful speculation about the future helps us cope with the present and identify potential challenges and opportunities. He adds however that history tells us that most predictions will be wrong. In looking back at predictions post 9/11 and the great recession, Mr. Walker provides supporting evidence for this statement.

We are now more than eight months into this global crisis. With the caveat above in mind, is a picture of a Post Pandemic world emerging? Bill Gates thinks so. In a recent Podcast, Mr. Gates is joined by Dr. Anthony Fauci and Rashida Jones, where they explore a big question that is top of mind for many people: what will the world look like after COVID-19? In the podcast, Mr. Gates talks about seven ways that the pandemic will Change the World:

  • Remote meetings will be normalized
  • Software will have improved dramatically.
  • Companies may share an office on rotation.
  • We will choose to live in different places
  • You will socialize less at work and more in your community.
  • Things will not go totally back to normal for a long time
  • The next pandemic will not be nearly as bad

Explore the thinking behind each prediction via the article and podcast above. Also, revisit previous pandemic topics via the links below.

FEATUREDA Post Pandemic Society

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